How To Write The Perfect Email Pitch

Increasing the sales and revenue of your brand or company is essential, and putting yourself out there is one way to increase brand visibility and profit. An email pitch is sent to a potential customer or partner through emails to promote your products or services and convince them to make a purchase or collaborate with your brand. Usually, when it’s time to pitch a brand’s prodigy or services, we assume you must be in the face of the company you want to pitch to. But with an email, you only need to send your pitch via email and wait for a favorable response.

The Perfect Email Pitch

The best email pitch examples are usually short and direct to the point. They introduce your brand, the profits and services you offer, the discounts and promotions available, and why the individual you send it to should jump on your offer. The perfect pitch email consists of a subject line, greetings, a body, a sign-off, and a signature. Here are a few tips you need to apply to get your email pitch to speak for your business;

Use An Interesting Email Design

An eye-catching email design will keep your potential customers glued to your pitch till they get to every end of it. Use graphic design apps or attractive email template for your email pitch and ensure your grammar, punctuation, and style tells how competent your brand is. Since you are not pitching face-to-face, your email has to represent you in the best way possible.

Personalized Subject Line

Your subject lines should engage and not wholly blow you up. Ensure to keep it precise and short. Mention a connection to what’s inside your email.

Greet Your Recipient

Please research your email recipient and personalize the email to them. Start by warmly greeting your recipient, mentioning their names, and tailoring the email to suit the information you have gathered about them.

Value Proposition

What problem are you fixing? What value are you offering? Why does your pitch recipient need you? Ensure that your pitch answers all of these. Answer their questions and clearly state what you can solve through your insight and skills.

Back-Up Your Claim

Don’t just tell; show how credible your brand or company is. Attach customer reviews, testimonials, and other relevant data. Show your potential clients how much they need you.

Email Pitch Examples

The best pitch sent via emails should be able to address how you intend to connect and tackle your potential client’s problems:

  1. Email pitch that secures a customer.
  2. Email pitch that addresses the pain point
  3. Email pitch that offers a discount or promotion
  4. Follow-up email for clients who responded to your email pitch
  5. Follow-up email for clients who did not respond to your email pitch

Creating the perfect email pitch can be challenging. It would be best to capture your client’s attention immediately, or your audience would go off on you. Whenever you are writing a pitch email, remember to keep it personal, passionate, and precise. Always end your pitch email by expressing gratitude to your clients for their time and consideration.




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