6 Best Free Social Media Management Tools In 2023

Social media management has helped reduce the burden of many brands and businesses. It has also helped brands focus on other aspects of their work and keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape through social media tools. These social media tools help schedule posts, track account performance, and improve brand visibility. We have compiled a list of incredible free social media management tools that will help you improve your social media presence and grow your brand. So let’s get started!


CoSchedule has an unlimited version for all social media managers to plan content and create magic ahead of time. CoSchedule offers many free templates that make your work as a social media manager easier. It also brings your editing, writing, planning and tracking processes together and provides an editorial calendar to help you plan and organize content.


This free social media management tool is one of the best. Buffer allows users to schedule their posts and track the performance of each post. It also supports platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can schedule up to ten posts per channel.


Hootsuite offers impressive features in its free version. With Hootsuite, social media managers can customize and publish each post on several platforms. Hootsuite also has a promotion board that enables you to run ads and promote your content to reach more audiences.


CrowdFire is a social media tool that allows you to curate engaging content for your audiences according to the search terms you want; this social media tool also helps you schedule your post and prepare content in advance. You can go from free to a paid service to enjoy all CrowdFire features. However, the free version also has some incredible offers. You can add your chrome extensions and RSS feeds to get the latest.


SocialPilot is a comprehensive social media management tool that does most of the work. It helps users handle different accounts and schedule content across various social media platforms. SocialPilot is designed to track account performance, measure ROI and analyze performance.


If you run multiple accounts for your clients on Twitter, you need TweetDeck to make the process worth it. This free social media tool has an interface allowing users to view multiple timelines simultaneously and schedule tweets for each account. TweetDeck also allows users to direct messages for all accounts in customizable columns that can be edited and deleted.

Many other tools offer free versions you can use to reach a broad audience and enage with them as a social media manager. However, this article lists only the best five tools to make social media management easy for you and your team. Remember to go premium on any of these tools when you require a more advanced feature.

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